Workout Printables & How to Lose Fat Without Slowing your Metabolism

Hi Guys!

It has been a minute since my last blog post. I just created some workout printables. So if you're ever somewhere without service or want to listen to your own music but still want to do one of my workouts, you will have it all right here in an image.

Below are four workouts that I have converted. Underneath the images, I'll tell you the secret to how to lose fat without slowing down your metabolism.

Let me know if you like the printables!

Now, lets get into losing fat without slowing down your metabolism.

A lot of diets that last a month or longer, where you're cutting your calories or exercising more to be in a deficit, actually slow down your metabolism. Your body adjusts to the extra calories your burning or the lack of calories that you're not eating and slows down your metabolism which is why you "plateau."

You will lose the most weight in the first two weeks of your diet and then your fat loss will slow to a stop. Why?

When you started your diet a month ago, your body burned about 3000 calories a day for maintenance. But, since you've cut 500 calories and have only been eating 2500 calories for a long period of time, your body has adjusted to that amount of calories. And if you go back to eating 3000 again, you will actually gain weight!

Ugh, that sounds terrible, doesn't it? Well, here is how to avoid it.

When you're cutting calories, only cut for two weeks at a time. Then, return to your maintenance calorie intake for two weeks. And then keep repeating until you're at your goal weight.

The great thing about this is that its going to be more sustainable, since you wont be on a "diet" forever to keep your goal weight. You'll be able to eat how you are eating now.

Hope you enjoyed this little tip!



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