Top 5 Fitness Tips From A Lingerie Model

Hi guys! I wanted to give you some of my favorite fitness tips that I have learned from being a lingerie model for the last four years and counting. These are simple, little changes that really make a big difference. These tips help me stay photoshoot ready all the time while still allowing myself to enjoy life like eating that Sundae, having that glass of wine, and not grueling allll day at the gym.


If you're like me, you are always craving something sweet after eating lunch and dinner. One trick that I have learned that has really helped me cut down on eating sugar after every meal, is to tell myself: "Wait two hours after your meal and if you still want something sweet, have it!" I've realized 9 times out of 10 the craving just goes away. Also, by telling yourself that if you still want something sweet two hours later then you can have it, it makes you feel like you are not depriving yourself.

You should never tell yourself "I can't eat that" or "I shouldn't eat that." Depriving yourself is just going to make you want it more and feel miserable.


I want you to change your mindset. Instead of telling yourself what you should be removing from your diet, tell yourself what you should be adding! Focus on eating a protein and a vegetable with every meal. Add super foods to your diet, like chia seeds, spirulina, goji berries. I like to google the healthy foods that I'm eating or that I like, so that I can find out what nutrients are in them and what they do for my body. This encourages me to make healthier decisions. I get excited to know that I'm doing good things for my body and fueling myself efficiently. I love a good croissant, but eating an acai bowl with kale that is high in iron and spirulina that is high in antioxidants AND helps lower your blood pressure because of its antihypertensive effects seems much more appealing when I'm thinking about the effects the food is going to have on my body.


Maybe you're just starting a workout program or you fell off and haven't worked out for a month or two. Everyone gets off track occasionally. I recently just had a month of no working out. I was traveling and was just too tired to even think about working out, so I allowed myself some rest. But now, I'm back home and its time to get back into it. It is so important to not pile on too much work too quickly. Sometimes I get motivated about getting back into working out and I set my expectations too high for myself. You need to start a habit and start slow. Just get in ten minutes a day, and then 20 minutes, and progress how you feel comfortable. If you start off too strong, you're likely to fail because you're making too big of a change. For example, all the New Years resolution people that show up in the gym for the month of January and then disappear. When you try to do too much too quickly, and then cant keep up with it, it can be extremely unmotivating and make you not want to workout all together.


Whenever you're working out, DO IT WITH PURPOSE. When you are doing an ab workout, make sure you squeeze your abs as. hard. as. possible. And then, do the same for your butt, thigh, and arm workouts. I can't tell you how much more effective this makes your workouts. If you really go all in for one 10 minute video of mine and tense those muscles, its the equivalent of a 25 minute workout where you're not making that mind to body connection. A workout that you have done 20 times could suddenly make you sore. This is a great trick for anyone who is short on time! Just because you only have 10 minutes or even less, doesn't mean you cannot get a good little workout in.


And the last one, drink more water. You have probably heard that a million times, but it's so important I had to add it. Sometimes you feel hungry when you are just thirsty. Drinking a glass of water before a meal helps you eat less. Your body runs better when you are hydrated. Water keeps you regular, if you know what I mean. Beautiful, clear skin? Check! There are just so many benefits. I could go on and on, but you get the point.

A lot of these tips had to do with diet, but you cant out workout a bad diet! I hope you found these tips interesting. I think the most important thing to remember on your fitness journey is to treat yourself nicely, don't deprive yourself, fuel yourself with your food, and perform your exercises with purpose.

Leave a comment if you have any other tips that have helped you !



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