How to Stick to Your New Years Resolutions

Happy New Years! I hope you all had a great time with your family.

New Years is such a perfect time to start something new or become better at something you already do. It gives you a fresh start like no other. I'm sure there is something we all could improve on, and now is the time to make a plan!


One of the best things to do so that you actually achieve your new years resolutions, is to write a plan out on paper. You should start by writing at the top of the paper, what is your big goal that you would like to reach by the end of the year.

My goal is to be able to do a hand stand (something I have never been capable of), to do a pull up, and to stretch more.

"Stretch more" is such a vague statement that we cannot really measure. You want to make sure your goals are measurable. So, I'm going to change that to "be able to do the splits." When we pick something we can actually track it becomes more exciting and motivating when we can literally see ourselves getting closer to our goals.


The next thing we need to think about is what are we going to do everyday to get one step closer to our big goals. You don't want to make any crazy changes right away, that are unattainable and unrealistic. I rarely stretch, and I'm not going to say now I'm going to do some Olympic stretch routine on January 1st, because no doubt, I will fail.

I think my goal will be to stretch 5-10 minutes a day, on everyday that I workout. This is a great plan because it will help me to build a habit. I already have a habit of working out about 5 times a week. I'm simply adding on another thing to do for a couple minutes and building another habit. Soon, I wont even think about it, I will just do it.

Another reason why this is a great time to implement my stretching routine is because I'm already dressed for it in my workout gear and I'm already in the zone, working out. You want to make your goals as easy as possible to achieve. If I workout in the evening normally and then decided to do my stretches in the morning, straight out of bed, that would change my normal schedule around and create a more difficult lifestyle change to stick to, rather than adding it into my normally scheduled life.

Try to create monthly goals or even weekly goals. For my first week I will stretch 5 minutes after my workouts. next week I will stretch for 7, and then 10. and so on.


No doubt, there's going to be a day where you don't achieve your goal or you fall of the wagon. Maybe it will be one day, maybe it will be for a week, maybe even longer, and that is okay! That is normal! It happens to everyone. But what makes a difference, is if you pick yourself back up and start again.

Its hard to not get discouraged. But you need to think about your "Why's." Why did you start doing this in the first place? Why do you want to achieve your goals?

Hopefully that will motivate you to continue on your journey to becoming a better you.

Much Love & Good Luck

Brandy xx

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