1K Skips Challenge & Rest Weeks

Hi guys!

I hope you are all had a great weekend.

As you may already know, I challenged myself to do 1k skips a day for 30 days. So, I did 30k skips over all. And honestly, I loved every minute of it. Jump roping is probably one of my favorite forms of Cardio now.

When I started my journey, I was sooo uncoordinated. Ah, it was so bad! I have seen the most improvement with that. At first, I was only able to do 20-50 skips in a row before tripping myself. Now, I can do 200.

As far as how I look, well, I think I look the same. I may have even gained a few lbs (I was splurging a bit, my boyfriend bought two dozen cookies) so, I will not be posting before and after photos. But, my calves look a litttttle more toned.

What I loved about skipping, was that it only took me 10 minutes a day and afterwards I felt accomplished. It was a perfect warm up for before my Pilates! None of my joints ever hurt. A problem I had with running was that I would get tight hip flexors which would cause pain. Running is so hard on your joints. Jumping Rope was an AMAZING alternative!

I will be doing a jump out workout soon that I will be sharing. So, go ahead and start looking forward to that!

After my 30 day challenge and being active for literally 30 days in a row, I wanted to do NOTHING. So, I took 5 days off of working out! I needed it. While I wasn't sore, I was just tired and needed to take a break.

Every 8 weeks that you workout, you should give yourself a week off. It is really important to let your body recover. Recovery time is just as important as the workout itself. After taking my 5 days off, I came back, feeling better than ever and stronger than ever!

Listen to what your body needs and is telling you. You should never feel bad for taking multiple days off once in a while.

Let me know in the comments what your favorite type of Cardio is and if you jump rope!



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